Explore Premium Class

Explore Premium Class

Premium Class is a collection for the most demanding. Imagine the most important functionalities of Tito and Bresso, and then expand them with a glossy frame and a carbon-like carrycot bottom.

Premium Class is a combination of a sophisticated design and innovations, which offer the highest comfort for you and your child. When choosing these strollers, you can count on its supreme quality UV50+ upholstery, innovative Soft/Hard shock absorbers and easy to use folding system. Explore the details and you’ll be sure, that choosing Premium Class is the best you can do.

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Unique design

Aluminium high gloss frame, with a carbon-look carrycot and eco-leather elements make Premium Class look sophisticated.

Comfortable suspension

Rear shock absorbers, side Soft/Hard absorbers, Shock Absorption System, Direction Memory System offer maximum comfort.

Attention to every detail

Bresso Premium Class carrycot is finished with an attractive aluminium profiles. In Tito Premium Class there are many elements made with quilted eco-leather.

Premium Class strollers have chassises which were electrochemically and mechanically polished - thanks to that they are highly glossy. Carrycot is covered with a foil that imitates carbon fiber. Vacuum metallisation of wheels make them look really unique. Individual modules (upholstery, frame, wheels) are packed in separate covers. This kind of solution protects from scratches and dirt, and it makes transportation or storage much easier.

Premium Class strollers are available in selected distributors only. You can find distributors below: