Tito Premium Class

Tito Premium Class



Eco-leather, carbon-like carrycot bottom and a glossy frame – it all ensures that this model looks really unique. High range of a carrycot and seat adjustment allows you to put your child in the most comfortable position. Aluminium frame is really easy to fold. Thanks to the adjustable shock absorbers stroller acts well even on uncertain surfaces. Tito Premium Class is a stroller, that you’re looking for.

Carrycot gives plenty of space to your child – even dressed in a sleeping bag or covered with blanket. Removable soft mattress is really convenient, and thanks to the use of a coconut fiber, it is anti-allergic. Stroller has a fully adjustable hood (with no need to uncover the ventilation mesh) and a panel that protects from a cold wind. Carrycot has a rounded bottom, which allows to use it as a rocker. Ventilation cover has a zipper and that’s why it takes just a few seconds to open it – this mesh is also a great window, which allows you to have an eye-contact with your child.

Seat unit has 5-point safety belts and a crotch belt which is located near the safety barrier. You can attach safety belts at two levels – depending on the child’s height. A footplate is covered with eco-leather, that’s why it is easy to keep it clean. Pushchair has a convertible seat, which allows your child to travel rear-facing or front-facing.

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Aluminium High Gloss finished chassis. Convenient squeeze and fold system.

Carrycot bottom covered with carbon-look foil and eco-leather elements make it look really impressive makes this stroller look really impressive.

Pumped wheels in Premium Class have glossy finish.

Ventilation grids at the bottom of a carrycot allow fresh air to get into the stroller.

Unveiled ventilation mesh in a carrycot lets warm air out of the stroller.

Unveiled mesh in a seat-unit hood not only lets warm air out of the hood, but it is also a window that facilitates contact with your child.

Carrycot apron is finished with material panel, that protects from the wind.